Kal-Haven Trail


The Kal-Haven Trail is a beautiful trail that is less than a mile away from us. It is a crushed limestone trail that is packed down pretty well. We have a couple favorite stops on the trail.


At 4 Miles... There is a old well to get fresh water from


At 10 Miles... There is Grand Junction with the Country Fare Resturaunt a great place to get a meal


At 15 Miles... There is Bloomingdale which has a nice park to rest and a grocery store






Van Buren State Trail


There is a newly paved 5 mile extension from South Haven to Van Buren State Park

315 Broadway, South Haven, MI 49090        269-639-0003

Thursday Night Rides


The Thursday night ride is generally social. Some nights the faster riders will pull off the front for a faster paced ride averaging speeds above 20 MPH. The remaining riders who usually ride below the 20 MPH pace will stick together to ensure that all riders return home safely and are not left behind somewhere they may not know how to get home.


The ride route varies each week and is usually dictated by the wind direction and group consensus. Distance also varies depending on the number of riders, time of year, and experience level of the riders.


It is recommended that participants are riding road bikes.


The Thursday Night Ride departs from here, at the bike shop, located on Broadway St. at 6pm sharp. It is always recommended to show up about 15 minutes early to meet the riders, gain an idea of where the ride will be going, and about what distance the ride will be.

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