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We carry quite a few different brands and styles of bikes. These are our most common ones on our show floor. We also have a great selection of used bikes that we get from trade ins!



The Sedona has been used in our rental fleet since 1999 and is a great every day riding bike. It has a 26" wheel size which is a little shorter and wider than a 700c wheel size giving more control and grip of the road.


The Sedona comes in 2 different levels, the Sedona and the Sedona DX, the DX version has a front suspension fork and 8 speed trigger shifters, compared to 7 speed twist shifters and disc brakes

Cypress / Flourish


The Cypress is very similar to the Sedona, but has a 700c wheel size instead of a 26" wheel size giving it a little bit more "zoomy" feeling


The Cypress comes in 2 different levels, the Cypress and the Cypress DX, the DX version has a front suspension fork and 8 speed trigger shifters, compared to 7 speed twist shifters.


The women's model of the Cypress is called the Flourish

Barnebey 7


What is foot forward? Instead of the seatpost and crank being right in line together the Barnebey has it moved forward.


What this means... Your feet can lay flat on the ground when you are sitting on the bike. It gives you a more upright safe riding feel. Because of the foot forward design it uses muscles and joints differently.


They also make a three speed and a single speed version of the Barnebey, but we try and always have the seven speeds in stock.

Contend / Defy / Avail


We have a fleet of Giant Defy and Avail bikes that get rented out occasionally and we will gladly sell you one from our fleet or a new one. The Defy and Avail are perfect entry level bike for those just getting into road riding.

Other Road Bikes


Road Bikes are a more of a special purchase, we don't carry a ton in our store but we do a lot of special orders for customers. Most of the time we can have it here in 2 days. We do not require a deposit down, and if you don't like the bike, it is no worries. We can always find it a home.